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Here, just added for you: three fundamentals for the new era of responsible fundraising.

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Joe Burnett
April 12, 2018

Plus, what was it that went wrong?

0.8. What went wrong. And why these problems won’t just go away. Are we missing something really significant? Why are generous and caring people fed up with fundraisers? The problem with volume and why renewed promises are not enough. The unfolding of a tragedy and why it happened. (12 minutes 24 seconds)


Three more lightbulb moments to share with your colleagues

12. Recruiting and developing the right kind of fundraisers. Why fundraising needs radiators, not drains. And why getting the right people matters so much, to donors. (1 minute 50 seconds)


13. How to give your donors practical control of their relationship.

Before watching this video you really should see SOFII’s earlier special, The Botton Village story. Who should be in control of our relationships and why it may pay to make some changes. How much control should you give your donors? And how can you do it, practically, effectively and enjoyably to increase trust, confidence and lifetime value?  (2 minutes 47 seconds)

14Why investing in customer service and donor care leads to fundraising success.

Oh dear, that ‘investment’ word, again. But relax, please – this is about leaping over false economies to deliver real value for your cause, because it’s focus is retention – keeping donors longer so they’ll more quickly and surely repay the cost of their acquisition. And maybe even leave you a legacy. Being nice to do business with is something our sector should be noted for. How you can provide such a service, at the right level, is explained here. (5 minutes 40 seconds)

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Now, put May 15th in your diary. That’s when SOFII will publish the next three really short LBMs for you, for free. With an added bonus, sharing some secret weapons.

Context video 0.9: Empathy and rapport – the fundraiser’s secret weapons. Some short stories explain about listening closely and having real conversations. (9.06 minutes)

LBM 15: Thanking donors properly.  Fundraising’s simple truth – it pays to thank donors properly. Of course, whatever you do, you should do it properly (sounds obvious, yet still false economies abound). (0.49 minutes)

LBM 16: Measuring more than just the money.  A quick reminder that charities should measure other things too. (0.34 minutes)

LBM 17: Effective communication. Bringing the truth to life without deceit or artifice. Surprising views on the established tricks of the direct marketing fundraiser’s trade, and why you and your cause might be advised to not over-use these techniques, if you use them at all. (3.09 minutes)


About the author: Joe Burnett

Joe Burnett

Joe Burnett is Contributing Editor for SOFII.

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