Calling all suppliers to the fundraising sector

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Ken Burnett
May 08, 2018

A new angle on how SOFII’s Business Partners change the world

The UK’s leading direct marketing guru has just written a detailed letter to fellow entrepreneurs and suppliers to the fundraising sector. It’s an instructive, truly cracking letter and it’s here for you, now.

John Watson, currently CEO of the WPN Chameleon group and founder of the WWAV Group, for decades the UK’s largest and most influential direct marketing agency, has set out why, one day, he came back to his office inspired and angered, to write the most powerful letter of his professional life. And how that letter is now lost to posterity.

John also introduces a challenge, a chance for supplier companies and the people who work for them to win public recognition and a great prize, just by sharing how they’re changing the world while they work.

For all this, plus the chance to read a heart-warming, truly brilliant example of real letter-writing, see below.

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About the author: Ken Burnett

Ken Burnett is author of Relationship Fundraising and other books including The Tiny Essentials of an Effective Volunteer Board (The White Lion Press Limited, London, UK) and The Zen of Fundraising, (Jossey-Bass Inc, San Francisco, USA). His latest – and in his view, most important – book is Storytelling can change the world, just published by The White Lion Press.

Ken is also SOFII's managing trustee.

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