SOFII launches gender equality campaign

SOFII has launched an important campaign calling on the fundraising sector to address the gender imbalance in its ranks.

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Joe Burnett
February 24, 2017

It's just not fair!

As a sector, fundraising leads the way in making the world a better place all across the world. But we are failing in a crucial way because women working in fundraising in the UK are paid 19 per cent less than men and only 43 per cent of charities are led by women whilst 38 per cent of female fundraisers have reported being sexually harassed at work. And it's not just a UK problem.

This is unacceptable and we are calling on the sector to do better. You can read more about the campaign and crucially can get in touch to share your experiences and inspiration on how we can make things better here

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It’s just not fair!

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Joe Burnett is Contributing Editor for SOFII.