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  • ‘Emotional fundraising must be in our DNA!’ by Jayne George ‘It’s simple. Emotions are why people take actions.’ In this fascinating interview, Jayne George, director of fundraising and marketing at Guide Dogs UK takes us through the process of how emotional fundraising can benefit donors.
  • A question of competency by Helena Sharpstone Interviewing well for fundraisers is like interviewing for any post.  It’s all about the questions you ask.  
  • Bridging the empathy gap by Steven Dodds, Kate Woodford and Joel Du Bois Challenging the accepted wisdom that victims of conflict will always be regarded as less deserving of donors’ support than the victims of natural disasters by three experienced strategic thinkers for the Commission on the Donor Experience. 
  • Fear, flight and fight – turning pain into gain by Lyndall Stein Lyndall Stein explores the use of powerful images and words and how they can be key to reaching into a donor’s heart.
  • Jack’s story, from Claire House Children’s Hospice by SOFII A harrowing, heartbreaking and wonderful example of emotional fundraising at its most effective from Claire House Children’s Hospice in Liverpool, UK.
  • Meet Nana Murphy: lessons in donor care from Merchants Quay Ireland by Joe Burnett A truly inspirational case study celebrating the incredible work of Merchants Quay Ireland's fantastic fundraising team who transformed the fortunes of this small charity, multiplying its revenue more than tenfold, providing essential assistance to the homeless of Ireland along the way.
  • Shifting hope: why a journey through emotions to hope is key for hospice fundraising. by Suzi Attree Dr Suzi Attree, corporate fundraising account manager at Helen & Douglas House, explains the importance of emotions in fundraising for hospices, and how a journey through them to hope is key.
  • The 6Ps: a blueprint for transforming fundraising. For good. by The Commission on the Donor Experience The six steps to change outlined here provide windows onto a vast body of work compiled through 2016 and early 2017 by upwards of a thousand individual volunteers for the Commission on the Donor Experience (CDE).
  • The use and misuse of emotion by Kiki Koutmeridou This is the first article of a new series focusing on the use and misuse of emotion in fundraising, launched in partnership with the Commission on the Donor Experience.