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  • Abortion Support Network 'Why do you support ASN?' by Damian O’Broin By asking a simple question of their donors and sharing the responses in later communications, a small Irish charity provided inspiration for all fundraisers.
  • CARE USA: donor acquisition chaperoned emails by SOFII CARE USA responded to the violence in Gaza with remarkable humanitarian aid and a strong call to action for new donors. Being ready to appeal for new supporters during emergencies, or at times when your issue is in the public eye can help you to acquire more donors for your cause. To acquire new online donors at a low cost, CARE sent chaperoned emails through online publishers.
  • CDE project 11c digital section 2 part 3: putting the principles and actions into practise by The Commission on the Donor Experience Marketing consent - Email marketing - Mobile-oriented design and browser adaptation - Search Engine Optimisation - How donations are accepted
  • GiveIndia’s electronic newsletters: opening a door to effective giving in India by SOFII E-mailed newsletters are common nowadays but few have the simple directness and sheer appeal of this example from GiveIndia. GiveIndia's October 2008 newsletter starkly presents the great social challenges that face the sub-continent, but then it succinctly encourages donors by showing them how they can get involved and make a difference.
  • The Zimbabwe Association’s emergency appeal by SOFII How chance played a large part in raising £10,000 in just one month. Lyndall 'primed the pump' by donating £500 of her own money.