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  • An ethical, principled approach to donors and fundraising: a legacy case history from World Land Trust. by John Burton In this first part of three, CEO John Burton of the World Land Trust outlines his organisation’s fundraising ethos and how this has helped them grow and make an impact on the environment.
  • Audubon Society of Rhode Island: special recognition of long-time donors by SOFII The Audubon Society of Rhode Island’s superb care for their donors and courage in their approach have produced results that will be the envy of charitable organisations everywhere.
  • Australian Conservation Foundation: end of year appeal by SOFII By changing the way that donors were asked for support, ACF was able to triple income and response with this mailing. It is a brilliant example of a credible, compelling and engaging direct mail piece to a warm audience.
  • Faisalabad’s first cycle rally for peace and the environment by SOFII Campaigning for social awareness causes is difficult enough in most countries but in Pakistan it's a very new activity, with few options for influencing public opinion on any scale. This initiative therefore is bold and ambitious, but what's really remarkable is how successful it was, particularly in the spontaneous support it generated from members of the public
  • Fondation Nicolas Hulot pour la Nature et l’Homme: ‘eco-actors’ by SOFII By giving their supporters the chance to become ‘eco-actors’ the Fondation Nicholas Hulot pour la Nature et l’Homme (the Nicholas Hulot Foundation for Nature and Mankind) forged a special relationship with them and raised an amazing amount of money.
  • Greenpeace USA newsletter: the origami whale by Matthew Sherrington If you want to engage your donors give them something interesting and fun to do. This is an example of transforming the humble newsletter, with new energy and purpose, to deliver a real involving experience to supporters.
  • Ontario Nature: ‘Ruby the hummingbird’ mailing by SOFII This unusual example of direct mail tells a complex, moving story in an imaginative and very engaging way.
  • RSPCA New South Wales: cupcake day by SOFII The brilliant thing about this idea is that the supporters do most of the work and they have a great time too.
  • The Dogs Trust: sponsor a dog scheme, television commercials by SOFII These television commercials are really part of the Dogs Trust sponsor a dog exhibit but they show such good use of DRTV they are worth an additional airing here. Unusually for nonprofit DRTV in the United Kingdom these ads made a profit from their first showing. Quite exceptionally, the early ads achieved a return on investment of five to one.
  • The Lost Dogs’ Home, Melbourne: direct mail acquisition by SOFII The Lost Dogs’ Home, Melbourne, Australia is not just an exemplary practitioner of donor-centred relationship fundraising, they are also highly original and innovative. This pack is a perfect example of how important it is to constantly strive to improve DM fundraising tools.
  • WaterAid: The Big Dig by Reuben Turner A very fine example of how storytelling, done right, can change the world. Isn’t the infographic just great? (SOFII loves the crossed legs). This campaign is fun, innovative, engaging, emotional (imagine how you’d feel with no toilet…) and highly effective as, inevitably, real storytelling in real time was bound to be. Altogether brilliant.