The art of creative fundraising: the wit and wisdom of George Smith


If you haven’t heard of the late, great George Smith then this showcase is for you. Even if you have heard of George then it’s still for you because his words continue to hold lessons years and even decades after he first wrote them down. Either way, you’re a very lucky fundraiser: from his seminal book Asking Properly to his years as head of an agency, George was a powerhouse of modern fundraising and a truly great writer. We are delighted and privileged to be able to collate some of his best thoughts and words in this showcase.

George Smith: the art of creative fundraising - introduction and contents

by Joe Burnett

Joe Burnett introduces a new series on SOFII featuring the wit and wisdom of legendary fundraising guru and master wordsmith, George Smith.

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The wit and wisdom of George Smith. Good: the case for a re-launch

by George Smith

In a prescient excerpt from Up Smith Creek, George Smith muses on the concept of doing good and we should triumph over evil in increasingly cynical times.

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‘…written with such a wit and lightness of touch that not a page is boring.’ - Drayton Bird reviews Up Smith Creek

by Drayton Bird

As we continue our celebration of the wit and wisdom of George Smith we bring you this review of the superb collection Up Smith Creek by famed marketing expert Drayton Bird.

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