The Context

We bring you a series of articles exploring the various facets of why a positive work environment can make all the difference for your organisation.

World-changers at Work presents: SuperTeds

by Joe Burnett

These five inspirational TED Talks lay out frameworks for making the world a better, fairer place through our work environments and interactions with those around us.

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‘We live, breathe, eat and practice donor love every single day’ – John Lepp’s WoW! moment

by John Lepp

In the final entry of SOFII's WoW! competition, we hear from John Lepp, co-founder of Agents of Good about the need to love your donors.

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The Future of Corporate Social Responsibility, with Rachel Hutchisson, Blackbaud

by Tony Loyd

In an interview with Tony Loyd that first appeared on his website and on his podcast, Rachel Hutchisson of Blackbaud explains the notion of corporate social responsibility and why it is so important in the modern working environment.

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Asking the right questions really can change the world!

by Adrian Salmon

How working with charities and inspiring them to ask the right questions helps Adrian Salmon to change the world.

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How are you going to change the world? Leontine Vreeke’s 500 words.

by Leontine Vreeke

Leontine Vreeke of iRaiser explains how she is going to change the world in the first entry by our competition winners.

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Corporate clues: how corporate volunteering programmes benefit everyone

by Andrew Troup

Andrew Troup shares his views on how a corporate volunteering programme can benefit everyone within an organisation. Could this work for your charity?

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Corporate clues: four ways your charity can help you engage with fundraising technology

by Maria Carolina Simon

Maria Carolina Simon explores four ways companies can engage their employees by using new and exciting fundraising technology.

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