The Great Bungay Duck Race 2020: Sponsor your duck now!

Exhibited by
Falcon Meadow Community Trust
July 30, 2020
Medium of Communication
Video, online.
Target Audience
Type of Charity
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance
July 2020

SOFII’s view

Here’s a great local initiative produced on a shoestring by enthusiastic local volunteers who were determined that their flagship fundraising event should not fall victim to the coronavirus pandemic. So, they went virtual and now, alongside many others, you can buy a duck, online and so help make sure their pluck and initiative pays off. SOFII will feature a video of the race and the winner as soon after 9th August as we can. Look out for it in your updates over coming weeks!

Click on the image or scroll down to watch the video.

Summary / objectives

The Great Bungay Duck Race is the flagship fundraising event for the Falcon Meadow Community Trust.  In 2020, we feared we would have to cancel due to physical distancing restrictions, but we chose instead to go virtual, and offer people the chance to buy their ticket online at and stream footage of the race directly to their homes. The Duck Race is the biggest event in our town each year, and something of a local institution – we wanted to show people that even in times of adversity we would still find a way to make it happen.


The Falcon Meadow Community Trust is a tiny charity based in Bungay, Suffolk.  We own and manage one of the region’s last remaining water meadows, which was ‘saved’ in 2015 when the people of our town gave and loaned money in order to purchase it.  We aim to make the Meadow a place that people and wildlife can enjoy and balance our work between events (the duck race, a dog show, sleep-outs) and conservation (working parties, wildflower walks, bird-ringing demonstrations).  After just five years, the Meadow is held firmly in the affections of everyone in the town and the annual Duck Race has become the most hotly anticipated event of the Bungay social calendar.

Creator / originator

This trailer was vaguely conceptualised by Laura Myatt, and given life and humour and digital brilliance by Kit Ballantyne.

Special characteristics

This is Falcon Meadow’s first foray into video work and so we wanted to make a trailer to lay the ground for the Duck Race film itself.

Influence / impact

In the first 24 hours of the trailer going live, our ticket sales doubled.


Free – Falcon Meadow is run entirely by volunteers and we rely on good will and enthusiasm.


To follow, after the race, so do please tune in on the day to find out!

The Falcon Meadow Community Trust is grassroots fundraising at its best.  After five years we have a bedrock of loyal support in our community.  We are comprised entirely of volunteers, many of whom work full time in other roles and who squeeze in Meadow related work in early mornings and evenings.  We do it for the love of nature and the good of our community.  This video sums up our determination to succeed in the face of adversity with the humour and quirkiness that has established the Great Bungay Duck Race as a local institution.  It was made with no budget and shared by people out of enthusiasm, not duty. 

Tickets are available until 9th August on  The video footage of the Duck Race itself will be available in mid August – we are happy to share this too!

Update: check out the video below of the event. What a great day!