Crisis Fundraising

The coronavirus outbreak is a turning point for all of society. It seems increasingly that our lives will be forever changed by the events of 2020. But this presents an opportunity for fundraisers - to be better, bolder and more creative and to harness our power of solidarity. In this series, SOFII will lead the way in demonstrating how charities can make the most of this time of crisis to band together and produce transformative fundraising.

Marie Curie: Alpaca Meet & Greet

by Meredith Niles

Marie Curie fundraisers were inspired by an innovative fundraising idea they saw at I Wish I’d Thought of That (IWITOT) 2020. The team worked quickly to turn the idea into a quirky, low-cost campaign featuring alpacas on video calls.

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Fundraising in a time of crisis: SOFII’s guide to navigating tough times

by Joe Burnett

In this series, we look at the lessons we can learn from the coronavirus crisis and how fundraisers can use it as an opportunity to change the world.

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Trends of the Covid-19 pandemic on fundraising in the UK and the USA

by Daryl Upsall & Jorge Hernando

Could a focus on young people and new avenues of fundraising be a key to beating the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic?

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The pandemic: where has fundraising been, where is it going and where should we be focusing now?

by Giles Pegram CBE

Help is at hand. A free online booklet and webinar are now available to help you deliver great fundraising during the coronavirus pandemic. And the advice all hinges on how to provide a superb supporter experience.

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Fundraising successes at a time of catastrophe - part one

by Ken Burnett

Across the globe fundraisers are responding to the coronavirus pandemic in innovative and inspirational ways. In the first of two articles, we bring you their stories.

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Furloughed Fundraisers Chat: A safe space to be

by Claire James

In a time of crisis for fundraisers, a wonderful group of furloughed charity professionals have gathered together on Facebook to help and support one another.

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IWITOT 2020: Sweet Farm’s Goat 2 Meeting

by Joshua Leigh

For his presentation at IWITOT 2020, Josh Leigh wished he'd thought of getting goats to join Zoom calls during the coronavirus pandemic. Yes, that's a thing.

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Charities... the new supermarkets?

by Richard Spencer

Can charities take on the role of supermarkets in the time of coronavirus? This is the question asked by our friends at About Loyalty.

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SAVE FINZ: Emergency direct mail appeal

by Joe Burnett

Facing difficult financial straits due to coronavirus, the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand has launched an unprecedented matched funds appeal bringing support in from the world over.

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The Great Bungay Duck Race: Virtual success in 2020

by Joe Burnett

How one small charity in rural England had to innovate and try out new ideas to ensure their event went ahead. When coronavirus forced them to go virtual, they did in style.

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